Sunday, July 16, 2006

Brazen Bilbray


When the felonius Duke, California's 50th District Representative Cunningham, left office last December, we had every reason to hope for something better. Candidate Brian Bilbray even promised to cut back on pork.

He had been to Congress before, and claimed to have been on the right side in 1995.

"There's still more to do," he said in his recent campaign, giving the example of "not allowing members of congress to put in private so-called earmarks for funding."

So of couse he won the special election.

Some of us wondered: how long will it take to corrupt the man? Terms? Years? Months?
More like: one week.

Bilbray was in the House no more than a week when he voted for the latest appropriation bill, this one with over 1500 earmarks!

Fifteen hundred! Well, maybe the country just couldn't go along without that bill. But what can we say about Bilbray's voting down each of Representative Jeff Flake's FOUR anti-pork amendments? That's not one NO, not a mere two, not even three. That's FOUR NOs.

Funny thing is, before the special election, he seemed to be fighting a bit of an uphill battle. You see, he had been a lobbyist for several years. Jadedly, he said, "Everyone is trying to say that everyone in Washington is tainted."

Hmmm. I wonder why. Could it be because everyone in Washington IS tainted? Nope. But Bilbray certainly is. And he proved it!


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