Saturday, August 05, 2006

Week End Round-Up
Pearls, Swine, and Skull & Bones

^ Does this look familiar?

These animals wore bones too - and the Bush family collaborated with them.

I wonder if the members of Yale's Skull and Bones cult also sport ShutzStaffel Runes under their left armpit?

On Talking With Terrorists

By Patrick Buchanan

As usual, Buchanan hits it out of the park - it's a damned shame that such a clear thinking and wise man has been relegated to the sidelines of "the Great Game."

Wake Up America - recognize AIPAC for what it is, a hostile agent of a foreign power.

Focusing on the Future

By Mortimer B. Zuckerman

I don't often see eye to eye with Mort but he nails this one.

World Opinion

By Tony Blankley

I nominate Tony (the Hut) for this weeks Aspidistra Award.

We know who you work for Tony - and remember, when you wave a bloody shirt your hands get stained.

Holding Pattern

By Eleanor Clift

What can I add to such an astute analysis of the current situation?

John Dean's words are also chilling - rumor has it the Secret Service brought a toilet with them to the G-8 Summit for duh-bya's use.

They don't want anyone to know just how high he is on a daily basis. He looked like he was capable of dancing with a lampshade on his head during some of the clips.

Dysfunction Rules In Middle East Conflict

By Joe Conason

Sigh...come on Joe - haven't you figured out yet that they want chaos to reign?

24/7 Coverage Doesn't Cover It

By Molly Ivins

"All we have to fear, said FDR, is fear itself. And when we are afraid, we do damage to both ourselves and to the Constitution. Our history is rank with these fits of fear. We get so afraid of some dreadful menace, so afraid of anarchists, Reds, crime or drugs or communism or illegal aliens or terrorists that we think we can make ourselves safer by making ourselves less free. We damage the Constitution because we're so afraid. We engage in torture and worse because we're afraid. We damage our standing in the world, our own finest principles, out of fear."

Good Golly Ms Molly - I love it when she takes Bush to the woodshed!

No Más
Castro may be dead. It's time to kill Castroism.

By Peggy Noonan

Kill, kill, kill - this Nazi bitch can't get enough, she loves death.

How about we just leave them alone instead of fomenting another civil war?

No Más is right - America has had enough of what you're selling.


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