Saturday, September 09, 2006


My name is GDUHBYAO - Human / Bush-bot relations.

Bend over and I will inseminate you with the essence of stupidity.

The links are for readers who have wondered where to find the final 30% which still support duh-bya - the 2nd link is particulary pathetic and typical of the fascist mentality of those who frequent the Free Republic website.

These war mongering sycophants pretend to be patriotic Americans - the reality is that they are unabashed apologists who will go out of their way to find excuses for the Christofascist in Chief and his Zionist henchmen - any excuse, no matter how weak is better than holding their hero accountable for 9/11.

They are no different than the cowardly sheeple who groveled at the feet of Hitler and licked the boots of his Nazi thugs - I'm old enough to remember when America stood up to people like this rather than join or become like them.


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