Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stooge's of Israel...

A funny thing happened today on the Capitol Hill Blue site, I posted in a thread about Joe Lieberman calling him a "stooge of Israel" and the editor deleted the comment and called it "anti-semitic" - I can only assume the editor is none other than Doug Thompson.

Until today I had a lot of respect for Doug as he *seemed* to be a man of integrity who told it like it is - I now have doubts about that, now I'm wondering if he's not just another of bought and paid for AIPAC whore.

There is nothing anti-semitic about telling the truth about how much influence the (piss ant) country of Israel has over Americas politicians - the picture below (pulled from Ha'aretz) is all the proof a person needs. (large image, save to disk to view)

Fuck Israel - it's well past time to kick those murderous bastards lobby out of Washington, they exert entirely to much influence over both our elections and foreign policy.


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