Saturday, August 12, 2006


Less propaganda, more answers

By Patrick J. Buchanan

As usual, Buchanan demonstrates he's the smartest pundit alive.


Christian religious extremist. Often a person who believes in forcing a right-wing Christian agenda on the rest of the world. Also known as a 'fundamentalist' or more recently 'evangelical'.

Since many Christofascists bristle at the term 'fundamentalist' there has been a movement to get the media to refer to them as 'evangelicals.' However the term 'evangelical' is a misleading one as many Christian sects are evangelical in nature and not all evangelical Christians have such extreme views or political agendas. Christofascist is a more descriptive term for these right-wing extremists.

Christofascists urge museum to hide man's ancestors

FBI - “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

We only have the word of a serial liar and his Likudnik henchmen.

Wake Up America!

Pat Roberts - "the Enabler"

The Senator from Jesusland is an enemy of democracy, and the main reason Duh-bya gets away with his criminal assault on the Constitution - Vote Incumbents Out!

What is Left? What is Right?

Does it Matter?

A collection of articles written by some of the brightest from both sides of the political aisle - well worth taking the time to read them all.


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