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After an extended hiatus I've decided to reactivate this blog. Once the criminal G.W. Bush was hobbled I thought the war was over - I was wrong.

News from the Rabbit-Hole...

By: Jody Wenzel

I was walking to the public library recently, as I turned a corner I saw our flag flying in the breeze, it was beautiful watching it wave, I thought of the beauty of America, our wide open blue skies, the amber waves of grain, our scenic countryside, and our majestic mountains.

I thought of the American people - a good people, a people which are kind, a people which welcome strangers, and a people which come together to help each other in times of need. I thought of the freedom for which the flag stands, the freedom to be who we want, speak what we wish, think what we want, do what we want, and worship (or not) however we choose.

Then the voice of Alice in Wonderland intruded...

Alice laughed: “There's no use trying,” she said; “one can't believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven't had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Welcome (back) to the Rabbit-Hole...

Reality came roaring back, the recognition that while those things were once true it's a new day in America, a day in which the Stars and Stripes no longer represents what is great and good about America, but instead stands for the tyranny of a corrupt, reptile minded political class, people which no longer respect the rule of law, or the standards and high ideals on which our Republic was founded. It stands for a nation that exports little more than dollars and death to the rest of the world, it has become the symbol of a war criminal, a rogue state, analogous of the flag which flew over Nazi Germany in the 30's and 40's, and also of the flag which flies over Apartheid Israel today. It's former glory stained with the shit of Americas corrupt political overlords and those who underwrite them.

But those which still believe in and venerate it also own a share of the guilt, I'm speaking of those who think this is still the country of their forefathers, free, blameless and beautiful. America hasn't been that in a long time.They are the blind, soothed and made stupid by propaganda, seduced by false doctrine inculcated by Americas captive media - outlets which disseminate the criminal classes false narrative. America has become a nation of weak and lost souls who've failed to hold onto the power and freedom that was won for them on the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, the power to control their own destiny, the freedom to live as the founders envisioned and intended, the ideas they fought and died for in birthing our Republic abdicated by the current generation.

We live in a country where those of the political class are no longer afraid of its somnolent citizenry, a people lulled and sleeping, hypnotized by television and spoiled by plenty. This is the opposite of how America used to be, and was always supposed to work - those of the political class once feared the power of the American people. They realized that they served at our pleasure, they knew if citizens were displeased with their performance they would soon be replaced with able men, true patriots who had America and its peoples best interests in mind.

Now, thanks to the absurd and incomprehensible Citizens United verdict handed down by our corrupt Supreme Court the voice of the people - real, living, breathing human beings cannot be heard above the roar of corporate entities, lifeless but immortal and immoral constructs with nearly unlimited money which gives them the ability to influence the outcome of our elections, they ensure that regardless of which party wins an election their creatures will hold office, they own both parties.

Americas corrupt Supreme Court gave corporations the right to spend as much money as they wanted on elections through political action committees with no disclosure or accountability of any sort - the nations highest court made the decision that Corporations were “persons” with a right to “free speech.” Where is the citizens right to free speech? It is drowned out by the bullhorns and big budgets of the international corporations which hold our politicians and the American people hostage.

On January 20th, 2012 the protest group "Occupy the Courts" gathered at court houses all over the United States and at the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. This was the first anniversary of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court which removed all accountability for corporate funding of political campaigns - Americas complicit, corporate media didn't say a word, it was as if nothing had happened, there was no coverage of it to speak of.

America slept on, swaddled in its ignorance...

There is one issue that Americas corporate media reports on regularly, the obesity epidemic and the side effects such as diabetes, but even though they speak of it they fail to address the root cause. They divert our attention from the poisoning of Americas food supply by Genetically Modified Organisms. These unholy things are produced mainly by Monsanto, the most evil corporation in the world, one which has patented the genome of most food crops grown and consumed by man and his livestock. The seeds they have created produce plants which are sterile and unable to produce viable seeds for the next generation, this forces the farmer to buy new seed every year and lays the groundwork for possible famine.

The Monsanto crops have also been engineered with Round Up Ready genes, while growing the plants absorb and integrate this poison, meaning that when tested the results show that most Americans are excreting high levels of this poison in their urine.

Farmers who try to produce non-GMO Heirloom crops find their fields pollinated and contaminated by wind borne GMO sources, contamination which Monsanto then uses as evidence to sue farmers for patent infringement, when these farmers are able to produce an uncontaminated crop they are increasingly unable to find a contractor to clean the seed for the next years crop thanks to Monsanto litigation against those with the machinery to do so.

There is also legislation in Congress (Senate Bill S 510 - Food Safety Modernization Act) that would criminalize citizens who attempt to grow their own food - imagine yourself or your neighbor being taken away by the police and thrown in jail, gardens destroyed and the people imprisoned for trying to grow safe, non toxic, and nutritious food for their families.

America sleeps on, stomachs stuffed full of toxic GMO food, their bodies contaminated by Round Up...

Then we come to the destruction of the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights, since 2001 this has been a high priority for the traitors in the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch. Both George Walker Bush and Barack Hussein Obama are equally guilty of High Treason against the United States, both have requested and signed unconstitutional laws such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA, the former making the Fourth Amendment nonviable, the latter usurps the 5th Amendment provision of due process, essentially allowing for the detainment of American citizens without charge or public trial.

Amidst the political fallout of this legislation the New World Order lackey Obama included a signing statement when he approved the bill stating to the effect that he would only use his newly appointed powers to detain foreign nationals, not Americans - signing statements by the President are absolutely meaningless, once signed the NDAA became the law of the land, Presidents cannot dictate, or pick and choose which laws they will enforce.

The latest constitutionally criminal act is authored by Representative Charles Dent (R-Insane), Senator Joe Lieberman (Z-Asshole) and Senator Scott Brown (R-Traitor) They seek to introduce a small but powerful amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act that outlines a “list of acts for which U.S. nationals would lose their nationality.” This abomination will soon come up for a vote and after being passed will end up on Obama's desk for signature. This crime against the Constitution will give the U.S. government the ability to strip Americans of citizenship, making them effectively "a stateless person" - just like the Nazis did to the Jews, setting them up for inhumane treatment at the hands of the monsters of the Third Reich.

Still America sleeps on, apathetic, uncaring, and too stupefied to see what is being done to them...

I weep for what we have become - how do we find our way back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned? Americas only hope is that its citizens wake up and take action to reverse our decline, I strongly urge the reader to start talking about these issues with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen. Don't take my word for it, investigate the issues I've spoken of, verify they are real for yourself - part of Americas problem is peoples ignorance and willingness to believe what they are told, this is the mark of a lazy mind. Once you've investigated and determined the truth for yourself make copies of what you've found and then go join mass movement groups such as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street - join both of them, build bridges between them, the goals of these groups are not incompatible, they are in fact natural allies once you get past the false Left/Right dichotomy.

Pass on what you have learned to members of these groups, make some noise, work to recapture the leadership of these movements from those who have co opted them, the Sarah Palin's, Michelle Bachman's, Michael Moore's, George Soros, and Rick Perry's of this world - they are corrupt and the enemy of Liberty, if left to their own devices they can and will marginalize these movements.

Will you continue to sleep America, or will you be like the Queen of Wonderland - dreaming of the impossible instead of working toward and reaching for what is? The power to restore America is in our hands, will we be found wanting?

I sincerely hope not...

The author is a native son, a citizen of Oklahoma, a patriot, and a proud veteran of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps.

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