Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greetings from a Native Son of Oklahoma and member of the Occupy movement and the Tea Party.

The following will probably prove to be unpopular but I feel it must be said.

Why are Tea Party members supporting establishment Republican candidates?

Why have Tea Party members allowed Washington insiders to co-opt the Tea Party agenda and movement?

It is said that "the nature of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result." If this axiom is true why are we allowing ourselves to be led down the same road we've traveled since the 1980's?

Why do we continue to accept mere lip service rather than enjoying tangible results?

By allowing the things I've mentioned do we expect any substantial change in how Washington D.C. does business?

Isn't it time to get back to the roots of the Tea Party and reject the paid shills and candidates of the establishment?

Shouldn't we instead be seeking the common ground shared with the Occupy Movement, the goals of both are not antithetical to each other - they are in fact natural allies once a person looks past the false dichotomy of the Left VS. Right ideology with which we have been inculcated.

Are we not Americans, do we not have the capability to work with other Americans regardless of political ideology, wasn't it our tradition of working together in times past which allowed our greatness to shine for the whole world to see and be envious of?

It was not always like this folks, we have the capability to remake America, with the combined might of both movements we have the ability to return the Federal government to it's natural state, to once again make it fear us rather than the opposite.

We are not cattle to be driven, we are not subjects to be dictated to - we are Citizens and Freedom is our birthright, the creatures in Washington are not our masters, they are not better than us, they are our servants and it's time we reminded them of this fact. The narrative they preach is not of our making, it was created to divide us, control us, to make us weak and pliable. Their interests are no longer the common mans.

It's time we throw off the restraints which have been placed upon us since the founding of the Tea Party, we need to re energize ourselves and break away from those who wish to lead us astray or seek to buy us off, we need to join forces with Occupy, they are American brothers and sisters who while thinking differently seek truth, justice, and the American way, if only by a different route.

Our Founding Fathers once sat in a constitutional convention comprised of disparate and different people, those of conflicting political philosophy and religion, their example shows us the way forward, their willingness to put aside the petty and negligible differences of each for the sake of the whole is all we need and the true American narrative.

I hope what I've said will be well received by the reader, it was written with honest, heartfelt emotion, and it is my deepest desire to see this plan bear fruit, my hope is that the members of the two movements will put aside the inculcated ideology that strangles political discourse in this country, that we will seek to build bridges between our movements and find the common ground of which I've written.

It's time to put aside our petty differences and work together as one, rejecting all who seek to co opt these movements to their own ends, it's time for the natural leaders in our midst to step forward and move our combined mass forward, to espouse and execute a sound and sensible plan of action from which we will not be deterred.

We cannot allow any establishment politician or financier to gain a foothold in our organization, we must fund ourselves through a mechanism which protects the movement from the strangling regulations imposed by government and the IRS but still allows us to take political action, we must learn to use the power of the purse to the best of our ability.

We can do this if we try, we are all Americans and have throughout our nations history overcome all obstacles - this one is no more difficult than those previously faced.

We are Americans - if we do not stick together then we shall surely hang separately!